Thursday, March 13, 2014

Globalization is Challenging Us to be Prepared

We can't see globalization only from one sides of view but a lot of views that you might see, for this public article i hope some of you can read this carefully and appreciate my general opinions. Globalization, everyone already knows about what is globalization in this life. Many people also talk about this like they are being prepared enough to welcoming the Globalization through their life. See the globalization impacts which make this country Indonesia gets serious development also can be our main topic for today. 

Almost people who talk clearly about Globalization always talk about the challenges of globalization that might be people need to be prepared too without seeing the good ring of challenges that a lot people might get. They share this topic, but they share it like they are sharing fears to a lot of people. Of course people need to be prepare enough but there are some questions that people usually ask such as why need to be prepare enough? What the things which we need to prepared to welcoming globalization wisely? Are we need a lot of money to get prepared by our self? Because almost people are telling us to be well prepared with some education and so on. How small unfortunate people can be also prepared even they don't have a lot amount of money?

After personally i read some articles from the internet and browse so many inspiring articles about globalization the things that might be really help people out to prepare them self to welcoming globalization to their life and then from that many individuals, one country is going to have well prepared citizens. Then from that fundamental ideas, i can summarize my public opinions about this topic. Not all of us are having opportunity to feel a great education service especially in Indonesia, but to build generations or people in Indonesia who aware about Globalization is not all about going to formal expensive education. Even people who go to formal education (as you can see there are so many national - international based of schools or universities) are not being guaranteed to be aware also being self prepared.

Globalization also makes so many great impacts such as in politic, technology, education system, economy, arts, and so on. Because so many impacts are going inside to this country the only thing to make those impacts are being good impacts for us is being aware and self prepared in a right way. First, being aware is all about knowing public knowledges. Public knowledges are not typically available when you go to formal school. Most of people who get education in formal schools are also not having great public knowledges and also people who don't go to formal school because they don't have money are not having great public knowledges as well. To build public knowledges the right thing to do i starting to love reading! I know it sounds so useless and basic. But trust me the more you read about any topics or issues which happen in this country which is related to the world, more you can build a great public knowledges. You can read books at public library which is cheap enough to go, or surfing on the internet, and luckily if you have money you can easily buy online books or general books. Read more articles and inspiring stories about the impacts of globalization from local or international news paper.

Second, after you build public knowledges through reading you can absolutely prepared your self to welcoming the great impacts of globalization. You are not being close minded people and try to learn so many things from people who are already achieved some achievements. At least learning from other people is the cheapest way to get education. Now we can't only lay our self to formal education which gives us text books theory. Try to socialize with real people, ask them, and learn from them. You can realize the world is not only this big but bigger.

Third, by learning from the basics we need to filter the informations. Filter and get only the right things about the globalization indeed. Search, read, and also learn from so many sources. Do not be so judgmental to one source that you can not easily know if this is right information or wrong. Be smart and independent! Do not ever think that every education is freaking expensive, they are not if you can find smart opportunities to get information. 

I personally believe from what things which we already learn (especially if it's being your biggest motivation to being prepared), you can welcoming the globalization wisely. Globalization is not the thing that making us afraid to be better. We don't blame other countries again about globalization or be judgmental into something. One person or individual who try to be self prepared there is going to be bunch of people who already prepared. Finally the whole citizens in Indonesia can also be prepared enough. These things also need to be supported by the local government because many young generations or people live in small villages. We need to be more consider to help then get more great educational system not only formal but also informal through the self prepared education. Such as updating some public library or taman membaca gratis, free internet spot and technology sources.

Margareta Vania
International Political Economy - International Relations Binus University 2017

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