Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fighter Air Craft the Modern Days State Interest Fulfiller Tool

As we know today,air force is one of the most critical factor of power in a state armed force.As far if we talking about the air force then we'll found our self to talk about the most important unit in the air force,the fighter jet.We have learned from the history over the gulf war that the air supremacy dominance is the key of the victory,where the Iraqi army which at that time was strong enough to stand head to head against the American MEU was overwhelmed.The key factor of the MEU victory is the Iraqi air forces can't do anything over the American Mc Donald Douglass F-18 which was the latest generation of fighter aircraft at that time.Judging from the importance of the jet fighter contribution over security,today fighter jet is become a political tool for the super powers,it become a forcing power over a deal to fulfill the super powers national interest that mainly regarding the economical interest.
As an example let's take a look to a case that happened to our own country,the 1999 aircrafts spare parts embargo.As we know Indonesian weapon systems at that time are all American made,where we did have the uncle sam clearance to buy those weapons but the American didn't gave us the license to produce the spare 1999 the Americans placed an embargo over Indonesia as a penalty of human rights violation over Timor Timur conflict.The embargo caused Indonesian air force to completely helpless against any threat.From 10 of Indonesian F16 only 4 of them that in combat ready situation,even those 4 aircrafts are canibalizing the other aircrafts parts in order to be operational.
The same issue happened to British made Hwak 109/209 aircraft,only 40 of them remains operational at that time.The paralyzed Indonesian airforce provoke a territorial violation from the close by countries,Like the australian F-18 that entered indonesian air space without any clarification latter on from the Australian official.The uncle sam by the way gave Indonesia a deal that in order to remove the embargo,Indonesia must sign the free port contract to be extracted by the American.In conclusion the fighter aircraft is a strong political tool through trades in order to achieve a national interest

Luthfi Hadi Arsa (1701334471)

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