Sunday, April 20, 2014

Habibie Engage on Debate Over the MBT Purchase Against the Army Corps

Recently the Indonesian government purchased their first MBT,the Germanian Leopard latest model the Leopard 2A4 and the Leopard Revolution.Considering the neighboring country already posses the MBT for a long time ago,this purchase is critical for the Indonesian tactical position.But the government decision to choose the leopard is challenged by the former Indonesian president and also a respected and well known engineer Mr.Habibie.Habibie argue that Leopard tank's purposed for dessert terrain operation,it's not effective at all to operate leopard in tropical terrain of Indoneisa,and leopard's massive weight of 60 tons will rip the Indonesian poor aspalt road apart.Habibie also reminding the government about the quality of the Indonesian bridge that will not stand the Leopard.

In the other side the Indonesian Army corps answer Habibies statement,that there are 20 states that currently using the same Leopard model,and only 3 of them got the dessert terrain.And the Leopard technology allow the tank to not stressed the road,the tank's massive weight only give the aspalt 0,8 kg/cm2 atau 8,9 ton/m2 of pressure.It's the same pressure given by the light tank scorpion.The leopard also designed to do a evasive action movement in a muddy terrain and even a river with depth less than 4 meters.There will be 104 Leopards MBTs in total that will delivered by the Germanian Contractors to Indonesia.

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