Sunday, June 15, 2014

Short Film Project : Inequality and Poverty in Health Care Sector

"Sorry for some typos which happen to the video, i edited until 3AM in the morning. I edited since last week and work really hard to make people's voices to be clear enough and i made subtitles. I wrote professional changed to be proffesional and leukemia changed to be leukimia, stupid isn't it? But i hope people can get the point of our short documentary film." - margareta vania

We make our project in a concept of short documentary film, but it's a little bit difficult to make it because we actually need some people to go in for our short documentary film shoot. Safira and Salwa actually did go to the local hospitals in Jakarta, but no one of them accepted our request due to protect the hospitals' name. Same as the commoner or nonexperts, they didn't want to share their experience because they were afraid of law protection. Even tho, we said that we are coming from Bina Nusantara University and we brought the official letter from our department.

We worked so hard for this 8 minutes duration short documentary film. We uploaded to youtube and burn into high quality DVD-RW. We also designed the nice cover to make the great presentation in front of the lecturer. We put to the point content and reality but yet we put creativity to make it. We learn how to deal with a lot of people who want to support this project such as random commener / nonexperts, local government of West Jakarta Area, some small clinics and big hospitals in West Jakarta Area. All of them are not fully accepted us to ask about their experience but glad that Mas Heri shared his experience to us. He had sad experience because his girlfriend was died cause of the slow response of the Hospital. Especially his girlfriend was really sick (leukemia).

Here is the conclusion of our short documentary film :

There is the government's policy to support poor people to get the standard or proper health care service. But in real life, it's not that easy to get the standard or the proper health care service. There are poor people who still suffer to get it. Small clinics (PUSKESMAS) and hospitals are also need to supporting this government's policy such as there are "Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial - Kesehatan" and "Kartu Jakarta Sehat". Sadly, not all small clinics and hospitals like to accept poor people and still ask "money first and we will give you the treatment or the medicine". 

Middle class people and High class people might be can search for health care service because they are effectively productive in economy. Ironically, even not all of them (healthy people) are productive. How the low class people or poor people can easily get money if they are not healthy (they are being unproductive)! That's why there is a poverty happening in this capital city. We are not going to look to the bigger context (ex : poverty in Indonesia), but first we need to take a look how our capital (Jakarta) is being worst.

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Margareta Vania

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