Sunday, June 15, 2014

Short Film Project : Positive and Negative Things

There are a lot of things that we get from this project. Especially the positive things. We learn how to deal with new people, learn how to make appointments with professionals, and also learn how to react if they reject our request. Yes, we learn all of that from the whole time to make this short documentary film project. Even though, our film it is around 8 minutes duration but we put a lot of works for it. We run from here to there. 

Some negative things also happened, Safira and Salra visited 3 different hospitals that supported and not supported BPJS Kesehatan and Kartu Jakarta Sehat. They also got rejected. Loping and Luthfi went to the health sector in West Jakarta area and to The Governor's office of West Jakarta but also they got rejected. Actually we did send the official letter from our department to Dinas Kesehatan (Health sector) but they delayed over and over again.

Do we need to wait something that even not accurate? Of course not! We search another commoner or non experts but almost all of them really hate to share their bad experience to the media. We already asked to blur their faces, but they didn't want to share anything on media. They were afraid to barely shared. But there was one man named Heri who had bad experience due to his lost of his girlfriend's life from Leukemia. He shared to us and he didn't mention any hospitals' name for law protection. We felt really happy, finally we could get the information from Heri.

There are no official informations that support us to complete this short documentary film. So luckily there was a doctor who want to be interviewed but he tried to act neutral as possible. We also didn't shoot him directly when he was working in the hospital. Because it would be stupid and we would be kicked out again from there.

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